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Vintage Associates is a leading fine wine brokerage and merchants’ services based in the heart of London, offering a variety of services in the fine wine market. We specialise in buying and selling the finest wines, mostly from the Bordeaux region but also Burgundy, Champagne and California.

At Vintage Associates we pride ourselves on offering a service of openness and transparency. Our team of specialists are ready to provide the necessary expertise, tools and market insight to enable you to build a profitable fine wine portfolio tailored to your own personal investment goals. Our team of consultants will increase your knowledge of the fine wine market and provide past performance on how the fine wine market has become such a profitable investment for the everyday investor.

Whether you are just starting your wine investment journey or are experienced within the finer details of the sector, we are here to guide you through the fundamentals of how the industry works, what the benefits are and why it has been one of the best alternative investment classes since reliable data was first collected nearly 40 years ago.

Since 1988 the fine wine market has generated an annualised return of 12.1%. For the ultimate in liquid investments, the fine wine market has outperformed almost every market including the FTSE 100 consistently for the past twenty-five years, making it a far less volatile investment than stocks and shares.

Taking every five-year period since 1988, the fine wine market has shown a negative return in just one period with a loss of just 1.1%. Comparing this to the FTSE 100 that within the same period has seen over 72 negative periods, the worst of which being a loss of 39%.

Services We Offer

Fully Insured

Your wine will be stored at London city bond, Vine. All of our wines are covered through an insurance policy which is provided by Vine. Ensuring that your collection is protected throughout the duration of your investment.

Members of Liv-ex

Liv-ex, also known as the London international vintners exchange, is the most renowned and well-known wine trading platform. In short, Liv-ex is the fine wine markets equivalent to the stock exchange.

Monthly Market Reports

Part of our ongoing portfolio management ensures that all clients receive a monthly market report, highlighting the markets performance that month. This will make sure that you are kept updated on the markets performance throughout the duration of your investment.

Global Access

Working with vintage associates will allow you to build a portfolio consisting of wines from all over the globe, giving you access to the most renowned and profitable wines from the best regions around the world.

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