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We are a leading fine wine brokerage and merchants’ services based in the heart of London, offering a variety of services in the fine wine market. We specialise in buying and selling the finest wines from all over the world and provide our investors with a direct route to the market. Many years ago it would have been extremely difficult for the everyday investor to reap the rewards of such an industry, however with the incorporation of Liv-ex, our membership provides investors from all walks of life the opportunity to invest in wine directly through the primary market.

At Vintage Associates we pride ourselves on offering a service of openness and transparency. Our team of specialists are ready to provide the necessary expertise, tools and market insight to enable you to build a profitable fine wine portfolio tailored to your personal investment goals. We are here to expand your knowledge on the fine wine market and provide as much information as possible to cater for all levels of expertise.

Whether you are new to the market or have experience in the finer details of the sector, we are here to guide you through the fundamentals of how the industry works, what the benefits are and why it has been one of the best alternative investment classes since reliable data was first collected over 30 years ago.

Since 1988 the fine wine market has generated average returns of 12.4% p.a. The fine wine market has outperformed almost every market including the FTSE 100 consistently for the past 25 years, making it a far less risky investment. The wine market simply works on a supply and demand basis of economics, meaning that as long as the demand for the worlds best wine is there, prices will continue to appreciate.

With the recent pandemic and global economic uncertainty, the low volatility and steady returns is what makes this market so appealing during times of need. With uncertainty at the forefront of everyone’s mind, investors are turning to safe, tangible assets in order to hedge their risk. With consumption of wine at an all time high, it is the perfect time to step in to this alternative investment class.

Why Choose Us?

Portfolio Management

A designated portfolio manager is provided throughout the duration of your investment. Their role is to work with you in order to produce the best possible results from your portfolio. Our portfolio managers have years of experience in the fine wine market.

Steady Returns

The wine market is notorious for having steady returns with low volatility. With diversification in to the key regions, we have a strong track record of consistently achieving the long-term average of 12.4% p.a, which will be your portfolio managers primary focus.

Market Reports

Part of our ongoing portfolio management ensures that all clients receive a monthly market report highlighting the markets performance that month. This will ensure that you are kept up to date with the current market conditions throughout the duration of your investment

Condition Checks

By purchasing exclusively through Liv-ex the condition of the wine is guaranteed. We will carry out a condition check before the case is placed in to your personal sub-account at the storage facility and photos of the bottles and their packaging can be provided to the client upon request.

Storage and Insurance

Your wine will be stored at London City Bond (LCB), Vine. All of our client’s wines are covered through an insurance policy ensuring that your collection is protected throughout the duration of your investment. LCB is the world’s leading wine storage facility with a history dating back to 1870.

Direct Market Access

Through our membership with Liv-ex, we exclusively purchase wine through the world’s leading fine wine exchange. Liv-ex is the global market place for trading fine wine and our clients have access to tens of thousands of the world’s most famous and sought after wines.


Your portfolio managers role is to ensure that you are kept updated on the performance of your collection. You will frequently be provided with valuations on your portfolio that will be based on the Liv-ex mid-price. Liv-ex offer the most reliable and up to date pricing data that is available on the market.

Free Liquidation

An investment with Vintage Associates is extremely flexible. You have complete ownership and control of the asset, meaning you have the option of liquidating your portfolio whenever you see fit. There is no fee involved in selling your collection and a sale is usually concluded within 4 weeks.

Priority Access To En Primeur Wine

Through our affiliation with Liv-ex we are able to offer our clients access to the new vintages produced by the vineyards each year. Wines are usually kept in the barrel for a minimum of two years before being released on to the market and our clients have the option of purchasing the wine before it has even been bottled.

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