Vintage Associates Affiliation with Liv-ex

At Vintage Associates we are one of only 450+ trading members of Liv-ex and simply give our investors access to every wine traded on the platform. All wine invested in through Vintage Associates will be 100% owned by the client and our investors have complete control on when and how they decide to sell their acquisitions.

Vintage Associates only trade fine wines on behalf of our clients exclusively through the Liv-ex platform. This ensures that all wines purchased have been sealed in bond (SIB), ensuring that the wines have been kept in optimum condition since being bottled. All wines have been kept in their original wooden casing and go through stringent condition checks before being listed on the exchange. By going through Liv-ex it ensures that our investors collections of fine wines are in pristine condition from the moment they are purchased.

Our role is to educate our new and existing clients on every aspect of the fine wine market and provide recommendations on certain wines that are currently being traded. Through our detailed conversations we will begin to get an understanding as to the type of investor we are dealing with and ascertain your depth of knowledge on the wine market. Our experienced portfolio managers will tailor a specific portfolio plan based on our investors personal requirements.

1. Purchase wine through Liv-ex
2. Open your storage account at London City Bond
3. Wine is delivered and placed in your storage account
4. Login details are provided for your Online Portal
5. Sell your wine through the Liv-ex exchange

What is The Process?

The process is very simple, we first recommend that you digest all the relevant information that has been provided to you and do as much research about the wine market as you can. Once you feel you have a good enough understanding about the market, your portfolio manager will then discuss your investment preferences.

Once we have an idea as to the type of investor you are, your portfolio manager will then provide recommendations of certain wines we feel would benefit your investment portfolio. It is at this stage where your portfolio manager will provide all the necessary information on the wines that have been recommended. You will receive information on the history of the chateau, tasting notes, historical performance, average production size, vintage, critic scores and photos of the wine you are potentially investing in.

If you are then happy with the recommendations, we will purchase your desired collection off the Liv-ex exchange and purchase the wines on your behalf. Your portfolio manager will then arrange your own storage account to house your wines and your wines will usually arrive in bond within 4 weeks of purchase. Once the wine has arrived in bond, you will receive a certificate of ownership and this will be used as proof of ownership.