Introducing The Directors

Invest in Vintage, not just Wine.

Costas Achillea and George Mottram have been lifelong friends. They first developed a strong bond in their early school years and have been inseparable since the age of 11. When they were younger, they both dreamt of playing sport professionally, though reality had a different idea and they switched their attention to a more realistic ambition.

When working in the investment industry in London, Costas and George would regularly meet for after work drinks and seek out the latest wine hotspot. Following Costas’ progression into the wine market and George’s need for a secure investment for his clients, they decided to combine their investment experience with their passion for wine, and Vintage Associates was born.

Since Vintage Associates’ official launch in 2019, Costas and George have always strived to maintain a family business environment, employing a close-knit team of people who are quite often more than just colleagues.

The company’s emphasis has always been on transparency. With their background in investments, their main focus is to take their clients on a journey in which all parties know exactly where they stand. With the wine market providing both solid returns and security, Costas and George have been able to build a strong client base of investors who all feel part of the Vintage Associates family.

Costas Achillea & George Mottram.
co-Founder & director

Costas Achillea

Costas developed a keen interest in investments when he was studying accounting and finance at university. He began his career with one of London’s leading Foreign Exchange brokerages, but quickly found that his real passion was within the world of fine wine investment. With a keen eye for analysing trends and statistical data, Costas began trading fine wine on behalf of his clients back in 2014, where he demonstrated skills that could maximise the performance of a wine portfolio at the same time as developing strong relationships with his clients. With a genuine understanding of people, his portfolio management is always tailored in a way that matches his clients’ individual needs.

Outside of work, Costas is an avid golfer, and is always happy to arrange a meeting on the course. He’s partial to a Cabernet Sauvignon with his all-time favourite being the famous Super Tuscan, Solaia. With Costas’s Greek heritage, he’d love to find a new Greek wine estate that is going to “take the market by storm” – however he’s still looking.

co-Founder & director

George Mottram

George has over 10 years’ worth of experience in financial markets. After studying business development, he joined a leading fine wine brokerage based in London where he gained valuable knowledge about the fine wine market and developed a keen interest in the sector.

He also has experience in other investment markets including property, stocks and derivatives. However, after much thought and deliberation, George realised he was looking for a safe and secure investment with steady returns to show his growing client-base. It was at this point that he decided to specialise in the fine wine investment market because it offered a perfect blend of passion and opportunity.

Outside of the office, George’s three main passions are food, wine and football. If he’s not out dining on steak and merlot, you’ll quite often find him watching his beloved Tottenham Hotspur.

Head of it & marketing

Jack Hunt

Having worked in the investment world for most of his professional life, Jack comes with a wealth of experience in integrating various IT systems which enable all Vintage Associates clients to have full access to their portfolio from the comfort of their own home.

With a background in financial markets, he is constantly finding ways to innovate the fine wine market and bring more of a traditional feel to this alternative investment class. We are always trying to find ways that help increase transparency for our clients and with the launch date set for the new Vintage Associates mobile app, Jack is a huge part of us doing that.

Outside of the office Jack is a real lover of music, if he’s not zoned in writing code with his headphones in, you’ll often find him travelling the country following his favourite artists.