Bonded Warehouse Facility

Through being trusted members of Liv-ex, Vintage Associates provides clients with the option of storing their wine at London City Bond Vine (LCB). Vine is the perfect storage facility for an investor or collector to house their wines which was built in 1870 specifically for storing fine wine in London. 

LCB who work in partnership with Liv-Ex have a team that are highly skilled and experienced in every aspect of fine wine including settlement, handling, storage and distribution. The upmost care and attention is taken when undertaking checks, handling fine wine and recording condition and content.

Your wines will be stored at perfect conditions that are maintained through humidity and temperature sensors that are monitored every 30 minutes. Each case is given a unique identification number and the signing over and assigning of ownership is conducted. Some of their services also include condition checks, high resolution photography and instant transfers.

Your wines will also have comprehensive insurance cover whilst stored at London City Bond Vine. Storing wines at London City Bond Vine leaves a level of professionalism, security and assurance with the client.

All of our clients have their own private named account, which means that complete ownership is with the client. Clients are given the option of putting their account in their own name, a business name or even a loved one’s name.

Benefits of storing your wine in Bond

You can book an appointment to go and physically see your wines in bond directly through your Vintage Associates consultant. We can alternatively deliver to any storage facility or we can arrange a home delivery (terms and conditions apply).

Insurance Policy

Whilst sealed in bond, your wines will have a fully comprehensive insurance cover. The insurance policy is taken out on your behalf by London City Bond Vine and is through a company called Lonham group who specialise in cargo and freight liability insurance. A copy of the insurance policy can be provided upon request. The insurance policy is included with in our management fee.

Storage Charges

The cost of storing your wine at London City Bond Vine is included with in our management fee. 

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